Donner DDP-80 Home Digital Piano Wooden Stlye

Donner DDP-80 88 Key Weighted Keyboard Wooden Style Home Digital Piano

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Type: Piano
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Meticulous Workmanship
DDP-80 adopts a new home style design, which is very suitable for practice at home. At the same time, it has the advantages of convenient installation, small size and easy storage. 88-key full size layer by layer process weighted keyboard makes it closer to the real piano feel.
Standard Acoustic Grand Piano Timbre
The DDP-80 has a single, expertly-sampled acoustic grand piano sound. The samples are created with advanced intelligent sampling technology and a beautiful French grand piano sound. The samples have been mixed and mastered to bring perfect balance to the sound.
Real Acoustic Three Pedals
Soft- makes the sound softer and slightly darker
Sostenuto- notes played before the pedal is pressed to sustain and ring out, while notes played after have normal decay.
Sustain- prevents notes being played from being muted, allowing them to ring out much longer.

--- DDP-80 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Keys
  • Premium Acoustic Piano Timbre
  • New AWM Dynamic Sampling, Latest French DREAM Sound Source
  • More Compact Design for Limited Space Home-usage
  • Keyboard: 88 Weighted Keys with Donner Hammer Action II
  • 2x20W Stereo Surround Speakers
  • Support USB-MIDI out (MIDI in is not supported)
  • NOTE: Packaging has been upgraded to more securely protect the piano. Donner Customer Team is here to help you with any assembly or usage issues.
Please note: DDP-80 is equipped with the original music stand.
  • Size: 49.9in x 13.9in x 29.3in (126.8cm x 35.5cm x 74.5cm)
  • Weight: 46.9lb (21.3kg)
  • Power: External Power Adapter, DC-12V/3.0A
  • Sound Library: 1 Standard Piano Tone
  • Polyphony: 128
  • Keyboard material: ABS Plastic
  • Body Material: Wood
  • Speakers: 2x20W

Tips Must Browse Before Order:

  • Piano legs are made of wood wrapped in lightweight metal to reduce the overall weight, making the piano durable and enhancing aesthetics. They're also more adaptable to a wide range of temperatures and environments.
  • Also equipped with Triple Pedals unit with the same functions as the grand piano, which gives you a more authentic piano playing experience.
  • The headphone jack is 6.35mm.
  • The triple pedal jack is under the keyboard.
  • If you are near a TV or a complex magnetic environment, there is some chance that the sound and resonance of the piano will be affected. Please keep a suitable space.
  • NOTE: Piano Stool is not included and can be purchased separately. If the product is unassembled on delivery, please assemble the product according to the instructions. ( Donner US Customer Team is here to help you with any assembly or usage issues. ) 
Claim Your FREE DAWs
Buying Donner DDP-80 gets you free melodies code, Click here to claim your free melody after placing your order, or contact our customer service team directly.

Video Reviews:

Donner DDP-400 88 Key Weighted Keyboard DDP-300 Digital Piano DDP-100 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano DDP-80 88 Key Weighted Keyboard Piano DDP-90 Digital Piano
DDP-400 DDP-300 DDP-100 DDP-80 DDP-90
Keyboard Donner Progressive Hammer Action Donner Grade Hammer-Action Donner Hammer-Action Donner Hammer-Action II Donner Hammer-Action
Keys Number 88 Keys 88 Keys 88 Keys 88 Keys 88 Keys
Timbre/Polyphony 128/128 10/128 1/128 1/128 1/128
USB MIDI Connectivity
Headphone Mode
Triple Pedal
Piano Cover Sliding Push-pull Push-pull × Flip-top Lid
Amplifier 15 W x 2 20W x 2, 10W x 2 25 W x 2 20 W x 2 10 W x 2


Ask a Question
  • Does this have midi in/out, as in, can I play filtered sounds back through the speakers?

    Dear customer, this product has a MIDI port. You can input the MIDI signal of the piano into the computer, and then get the filtered sound you want on the music editing software of the computer, but this sound cannot be played from the speaker of the piano.

  • Is it possible to use an extension cord if the piano is not close enough to the electrical outlet?

    Yes, it is possible to use an extension cord if the piano is not close enough to the electrical outlet. 

  • Can you run an effects pedal with a 1/4 inch jack, and if so does the piano have enough power to play through effects?

    Yes, it is possible to connect an effect pedal through the output jack of the piano.

  • Is this velocity sensitive? The harder you press, the sound is louder and press lightly, the volume is lower.

    Yes, this product is a weighted piano.

  • How do the legs assemble? Do they screw, or in order to disassemble/reassemble, will I have to take the nails in and out every time? Need it for gigs

    Hi, thanks for your intestst. This piano needs to be installed by yourself. There are preset screw holes on the legs of the bracket. The screws need to be tightened. However, the piano itself is not very heavy, please confirm whether it needs to be disassembled according to the actual situation.

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