Donner DED-100 Mesh Electronic Drum Set 195-Sound with Drum Sticks for Beginner

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Donner provides a high-quality, one-stop service for music enthusiasts and professionals alike. Relying on its cutting-edge and efficient research and development team, Donner is committed to creating innovative and excellent instruments that maintain the high-quality standards that inspire professional artists and creators, yet are approachable enough for anyone to play.

Adjustable Mesh Drum Head

The cymbals are injection molded and deliver shock vibrations to the sensor, seamlessly triggering your cymbal sounds. These custom sensors have high sensitivity and wide dynamic response, so they respond more naturally to your playing dynamics. The Donner steel drum stand that the drums and cymbals attach to is rock solid.
The DED-100 also has dual trigger technology on the drumheads, allowing you to intuitively trigger different sounds on the drum head and the rim. This technology is partly owed to years of research and hard work from the Donner engineering team.

Better Design Longer Life

The eight-inch all-mesh drumheads can withstand an average of 200,000 hits in our laboratory testing. The unique design of the mesh drumhead hoop keeps the heads from going slack or losing shape. The Donner DED-100 mesh is fine and dense, giving you the ideal playing feel and drumheads with longer life.

Suitable for Multiple Music Styles

The DED-100 uses Dream® sampling technology. Dream® has been a leading French DSP and sound synthesis company since the 1980s. This technology uses recordings and samples from acoustic instruments and includes data about sound quality and timbre to produce naturalistic sounds. The process is efficient and low latency and responsive to your playing without sounding artificial. The nearly 200 built-in sounds are great for playing can jazz, rock, blues, punk, and many other styles of music. Whether you’re practicing or playing a show, you’ll be able to get the sound you’re after.

  • Size: 29in x 24in x 7.9in (74.5cm x 62cm x 20cm)

  • Weight: 33lbs (15kg)

  • Cymbal Material: Silicone & Plastic

  • Drumhead Material : Nylon

  • Other Material: Iron

  • Power adapter: 9V DC, 1A

  • Package included:
    • Sound Module X 1
    • 10in Hi-Hat X 1
    • 10in Ride X 1
    • 10in Crash X 1
    • 8in Tom-tom X 3
    • 8in Snare X 1
    • Hi-Hat Pedal X 1
    • Kick Pedal×1
    • Pair of Drum Sticks X 1
    • Drum Key X 1
    • Audio Cable X 1


    After opening the packing, please check whether it contains all the items immediately. If there are any omissions, please contact us. 

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